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Ride Summary Report

Submitted By: P.Leverman

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Ride Date: August 10, 2008
Lake Seven
Trip Length: 90Km
Start Time: 09:30
End Time: 16:30
Elevation Change: 1085metres (3560ft)
Skill Level: Intermediate -

The ride started out under the power lines on B&K Logging Rd. From there we headed to the Shaker Trail which ends on the Sechelt Dakota Fsr (7575.01)

The Shaker Trail takes approximately 45 to 50minutes to travel with the occasional stop. It is a fun with some tight technical spots to negotiate, as well as a heart pumping hill climb that can be bypassed (if desired). Most of the trail can be in 2-wheel drive, but there are a couple segments where 4-wheel drive is highly recommended.

We continued over the Dakota Bowl to the North Dakota Creek Fsr using the old logging roads that were cleaned out last year by Dave Atlee (thanks Dave). It is a relatively easy trail to traverse with one steep ravine to cross. Slow and steady with 4wheel drive will get you across.

The trip down to Port Mellon was quick with one stop for a photo and a look down a shear drop beside the road. Once at Port Mellon, there is a security gate for Howe Sound Pulp & Paper. Stop and inform the security personnel of your destination and expected return time.

The Rainy River Fsr is in quite good condition for the first 10km. After that there are rocky sections where wash-outs have occurred. The last 1km ascends 1000ft, so it's relatively steep. If it wasn't so cloudy the view would have been spectacular. But we did manage to take a few photos when the sun peaked out.

Click on the links below to view the pictures and video taken.



A stop on the North Dakota Fsr to see the view and the cliff below

A photo of us at the dam.

Panoramic photo of the dam

A photo of Rob taking a picture of the clouds

Another photo of us and the bikes



Some of these videos have not been edited but have been broken up into smaller parts for easier file transfers. Sorry, no music or funky video effects to spruce it up.

Part I - Half way up Rainy River Forest Service Rd

Part II - Continuation of Part I to the Lake 7 dam

Panoramic video of Lake 7