Born of a Scottish/Irish mum and a Quebecois dad, Gaetan got his first guitar when he was still a very young lad.  

“Oh, I wanted that guitar so bad and I was so happy to have it.  Then one day I fell on the stairs and put my fist right through the guitar and that was the end of that.  We had no money for another guitar.”, Bergevin recalls.  “But my uncle had a nice 12-string that stood in a corner at my Grandma’s house and so I would play that one whenever I got the chance.”  
“I really didn’t get serious about music until I was in high school”, Gaetan tells us, “and then I played in some bands with my friends, you know, like a lot of kids.  I started to really learn to play and I taught myself, of course.  But I had to leave school early and work to earn a living, so I was lucky and I got a job in a music shop.  It was there I had the chance to touch all the different instruments and I switched then to play the drums.  There was a local guy who played organ at clubs and things  - he was much older than me – but I started out playing drums with him.”

Fast forward about 25 years and about 2,500 miles and here we are sipping tea in Gibsons and talking about Gaetan’s CD, “Let It Go”. The protective parent is present in Gaetan as he tells us about the project he has been nurturing for more than four years and it is easy to understand that it has been a challenge for him to learn to “Let It Go” .